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Polystyrene, one of the most commercial resins and amorphous thermoplastic that has a wide range of physical and mechanical properties and its attractive price, producers will attract a wide variety of items. It is cylindrical granules (or spherical polystyrene beads expansion) is produced and its production process based on continuous polymerization (or batch of polystyrene expansion) is done styrene monomer.

About Us


Takht jamshid petrochemical Pars Assaluyeh company aims to produce polystyrene was founded in 1392 by the private sector. The company has a production capacity of 65 thousand tons in the near future to products GPPS, HIPS and XPS and EPS reached 120 thousand tons per year. The first step aims to offer valuable products XPS bought a new unit TOYO is under license.

نقشه فوتر
  • Head Quarter: No.94 (Parand Building)–Across from Ava Center–Movahed Danesh St.Tehran-Iran
  • Management        No.19

  • Financial              No.15

  • Commercial          No.16

  • IT                        No.17

  • HR & Legal           No.18
  •  +98 21 91008030
  • Factory Address:  Next to Styrene Park, Phase 2 National Petrochemical Lands, Assaluyeh, Iran
  •  info@tjpa-pc.com