Jul 25, 2021 19:56

High-Impact Polystyrene or HIPS

Conventional polystyrene somewhat fragile, although we can add some properties of materials such as poly-butadiene, to obtain a product with optimal performance. This material is due to the influence of intermolecular forces, normally cannot be mixed together. Although the addition of poly butadiene during the polymerization process, causing chemical bonds with polystyrene and a copolymer is produced. The polybutadiene in the final composition in a form that leads to the production of polystyrene resistant. It is due to the high stability and easy to process and tonality, many applications ranging from the production of sporting goods, toys and cryogenic insulation in refrigerators and freezer’s body. It processes the food industry, housing and containers and housings for household appliances and coatings, as well as special applications.

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